Hamilton Hype


Amidst all the Hamilton hype and the buzz around the Tony’s, I’m down south in Texas enjoying the good life. Texas has so much to offer, especially when it comes to Summer fun. It’s hot here, no doubt, but if you can handle the heat, there’s so much to take in.

I’m particularly fond of Austin and Fredericksburg and the Texas wine country/hill country, however right now, in in North Texas where Dallas and Fort Worth sprawl across the lakes and plains.

While here, I’ve discovered some great theatrical resources including the famed regional theatre Casa Mañana who just did a fabulous production of Spamalot featuring Director Hunter Foster and starring the very funny Jeff McArthy. I’ve even caught a show at Dallas Summer Musicals and on the Lyric Stage.

A few days ago, I was pleasantly surprised to discover a quality and unique resource that supports the theatre film professional but it wasn’t in Dallas, it was right here in the heart of Fort Worth, cow-town. Fort Worth is a little known gem of a city that, in my opinion truly dwarfs the ‘culture’ of Dallas. Fort Worth is beautiful, clean, and home to the Fort Worth Opera, Ballet, and Symphony. A recent addition to this triad of beauty was the burgeoning Fort Worth Actors Studio. Any city worth its salt needs an Actors Studio, right? Actors who are pursuing stage AND screen can benefit from the powerful training in a true Actors Studio. They function like a conservatory of sorts —-offering personalized training for the Actor like a personal trainer helps you pump iron in a gym.

In Fort Worth, the Fort Worth Actors Studio is doing just that. What? Pumping iron? No! Training Actors! And they’re doing a fantastic job to boot. Kids and Adults who are training here are getting cast around the metroplex and beyond…and few would expect Fort Worth to be this type of hub. Most would probably suspect Dallas or Austin, but Fort Worth Actors Studio is near TCU in Bill Paxton’s old backyard.  It joins organizations like the Lone Star Film Society and the Lone Star Film Festival– one of the top 50 festivals in the country improving what was already a budding film culture.

If you’re a professional Actor seeking to improve your craft or your just a beginner, they have something for you. Check out what FWAS is offering, and if you’ve got family in Texas, direct them to FWAS. It’s a fantastic resource who I will allow to speak for themselves. (I know that’s unlike me.) Visit their website at: www.FWACTORS.com A sister site that is run by the studio’s owner is: www.Dlytha.com D’Lytha is the studio co-owner and also one of DFW’s most sought after voice instructors for Musical theatre voice and on screen voice and diction.

New Movie

So I mentioned, a few months ago that crowdfunding was in, and I sent many of you to visit an Indiegogo campaign video for something a friend was working on.  Thanks to many of you, the film actually got made and it’s now in post production expecting a release date later this year.  It’s quite exciting to know that you have helped bring about something as sophisticated and challenging as a feature film of this caliber.  You’ll absolutely love the finished product.

I know many of you spend a lot of time searching for wholesome films that you can share with your family — things that are well-written and great for all ages, but you have to admit that good ones are like rare gems.  Aria Appleton, the movie I’m writing about, certainly falls into that category, and I can’t wait for you to see it.  It’s funny, poignant, and teaches great life lessons for kids.  Not only that but it has 6 original songs that every musical theatre lover will appreciate.

More information is posted on their websitehttp://www.AriaAppleton.com


Directed by Nathan D. Myers



Go check it out!

Crowd-funding is In!

Click here to support an excellent family film!

Crowd-funding has not only opened the door for indie theatre productions, but it’s creating an opportunity for well-intended and talented filmmakers to create products that otherwise wouldn’t see the light of day.  Check out the link above to find out more about a project we love!  You’ll love it too, and when you do, donate and share it around.  It’ll make you feel good!